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Information of living

 We guide mainly on information to support living of citizen's person.

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Life event (event of the life)

The pregnancy, delivery Child care, education Employment, the retirement Marriage/divorce Advanced age, care The death Moving, house

We look for in field

Family register, proof

  • Family register, seal registration, resident's card, passport

Security, relief

  • Disaster prevention, crime prevention, firefighting, first aid, consumer life

Garbage, environment

  • Recycling, global warming measure, environmental conservation

House, traffic

  • House, water and sewage, pet, bicycle, parking lot

Health, the welfare, care

  • Medical examination, elderly person, person with a disability, the welfare, temporary welfare benefit

National Health Insurance, pension, tax

  • National Health Insurance, national pension, city tax, oldness and donation

Child care, school education

  • Delivery, nursery school, kindergarten, school

Culture, sports

  • Social education, culture art, cultural assets, physical education facility

Volunteer, interchange

  • Gender equality, globalization

Industry, sightseeing

  • Commerce and industry, agriculture, industry, working support

Town planning, city planning

  • Building, city maintenance, land readjustment

Municipal administration information

  • Finance, measure, election, inspection, information disclosure

The self-government basics regulations

  • The self-government basics regulations, collaboration promotion regulations, civic participation regulations, the citizen's vote regulations

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