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Kawaguchi City

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  • Family register, proof
    Resident's card | Family register | Seal registration | Resident registry card, notice card, personal number card | Passport | Various reports
  • Security, relief
    Security | Consumer life | Road safety, disaster mutual aid | Disaster prevention, evacuation site | Firefighting | Emergency | Earthquake, earthquake-resistant | Storm and flood damage (typhoon, torrential rain)
  • Garbage, environment
    Separation, how to put out garbage | Collection of oversized garbage application | 3R (reducing reuse recycling) allied enterprise | Environmental center recycling plaza | It is | about human waste processing, septic tank Global environment, global warming measure | Environmental conservation (pollution, laws and regulations relations) | Setting, | of garbage collection point about report Environmental measurement result
  • House, traffic
    House, apartment | Water supply | Sewer | Pet | | such as animal, bee Bicycle | Parking lot | Bus, railroad
  • Health, the welfare, care
    Health care, blood donation | Examination, medical checkup | Medical | Medical system for elder senior citizens | Welfare, welfare | Welfare of persons with disabilities | Elderly person welfare | Care | Temporary welfare benefit
  • National Health Insurance, pension, tax
    National pension | National Health Insurance | Personal municipal tax, corporation municipal tax | Light vehicle tax, tobacco tax, bath tax, office tax | Property tax, urban planning tax | | including deadline of tax Tax proof | Public auction | About "oldness and donation"
  • Child care, school education
    Pregnancy, delivery | Medical care, healthy | of child Child care support, consultation | Nursery school, private nursery school | Kindergarten | Child center, amusement place | education system | Elementary and junior high school | Lunch, health | High school, nursing technical school
  • Culture, sports
    Lifelong learning | Sports | Educational facility | Public hall, social education facility | Library | Cultural activities, circle activity | Culture, art | Cultural assets
  • Volunteer, interchange
    Volunteer activity | Young people | International exchange | Gender equality | Town assembly, residents' association | Human rights
  • Industry, sightseeing
    Commercial | Industrial | Agriculture, garden plant industry | Industrial | Working support | Work welfare | Sightseeing, recreation | Sanitarium
  • Town planning, city planning
    Land, building | Road | River | City planning, house indication | Scenery, outdoor advertising matter | Tree planting | Park | City area maintenance | Land readjustment
  • Municipal administration information
    Bid, contract | Budget, financial | Measure, plan | Election | Inspection | Administrative reform | Staff employment information | Personnel affairs, salary | Designated manager system | Information disclosure | Statistics information | Introduction | of city Mayor room | Public information | Public comment opinion offer | Municipal assembly | ICT, computerization | About this homepage
  • The self-government basics regulations

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