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(April 3, 2017 update)

City hall floor map

Main government building outskirts figure

Guide map

Figure of main government building the first floor floor


Figure of main government building the first floor floor

Main government building
The fifth floor

General Administration Division Election Administration Commission Secretariat Audit Commission Secretariat administration of property section Contract Division special debt collection section size meeting room

The fourth floor

Secretarial Division public relations section policy deliberation room facility management promotion room plan management section Finance Section industry labor policy section Business Support Section Industry Promotion Section agricultural administration section Agricultural Committee Secretariat

The third floor

Taxation system section tax payment section Municipal Tax Division fixation Fixed Property Tax Division

The second floor

Core city promotion room Information Policy Division Personnel Section Administrative Management Division new Government building construction room City Council Secretariat third meeting room

The first floor

Nursing Care Insurance Section [1]   Longevity support section [2]   Elderly person insurance business room [3]   Citizen's section [4,5,6,7,8]  Nation Health Insurance Division [9,10,11]   National pension section [12]   Taxation system section (tax proof window) [13]    Accounting Division [15]    Citizen counselor's office [16]   Municipal Information Counter consumer service center

Basement Bid room   

It is window number. 


Main government building annex

The first floor Disability Welfare Division 



Aoki branch office

The second floor

Examination for School Health Division room

The first floor Administrative Management Division branch office (person in charge of print)


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