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(November 25, 2016 update)

The way of use of mobile site

We offer information for cell-phone about some contents in Kawaguchi City.

Cell-phone-adaptive page URL: http://www.city.kawaguchi.lg.jp/portable/

As URL of cell-phone-adaptive homepage was changed from April 1, 2008, please change registration.


On Kawaguchi City homepage for cell-phone, we provide the next contents.

You may not look at with some models of cell-phone and PC.

Inquiry about this page

Person in charge of Kawaguchi City government office Information Policy Division information policy (main government building the second floor)

Address 〒 332-8601 2-1-1, Aoki, Kawaguchi-shi

Telephone 048-259-7241 (directly)

Call time from 8:30 to 17:15 (except Saturday, Sundays and holidays, holiday, the year-end and New Year holidays)

FAX 048-255-6063

E-Mail 040.03000@city.kawaguchi.lg.jp

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