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(August 16, 2017 update)

Urgent communication of living

City hall icon

Kawaguchi City government office

 048-258-1110 (main)  

Reception hours: From 8:30 to 17:15

 Reference ... such as at the time of disaster prevention telephone - disasters

Fire department icon

Fire, ambulance  It is 119 (there is no exchange number)  Kawaguchi City Fire Bureau

Police station icon

Urgent report to the police  It is 110 (there is no exchange number)
Kawaguchi police station  048-253-0110  Kawaguchi police station
Bunan police station  048-286-0110

 Bunan police station

Water supply icon

It is water supply

 Kawaguchi City Waterworks Bureau: 048-258-4132
 Waterworks Bureau customer center: 048-250-3871
 Urgent road leak of water on the night, holiday: 0120-641-119

Electric icon

It is electricity

 Tokyo Electric Power Saitama customer center

 0120-995-442 or 048-638-5016

 When it is not lighted?

Gas icon

It is gas

 TOKYO GAS customer center :0570-002211

   [PHS&IP call → 048-651-1131]
It is 0570-002299  (for exclusive use of gas leak)

   [PHS&IP call → 03-6735-8899]

 Return method (TOKYO GAS) of gasometer

 Gas use guide (with video)

 Gas use guide

 Daito gas Hatogaya Office: 048-285-8350

 List of supply areas

 Return method (Daito gas) of gasometer


If we encounter traffic accident

We send to the police immediately.
By driver's licenses, we confirm contact information and communication method other than number of address, full name, age, car of partner.
We take on-site sketch and records such as progress and ask eyewitness for cooperation.
If there is injury, let's receive diagnosis of doctor.

⇒ Kawaguchi police station 048-253-0110

⇒ Bunan police station 048-286-0110

Accident consultation

■ Saitama traffic accident counselor's office 048-822-6558

■ Japan Federation of Bar Associations traffic accident consultation center 048-863-5255

■ Omiya automobile insurance request consultation center 048-642-4647

Lost child, hesitation person

At first please send to the police. We urgently broadcast by request of the police.

Emergency broadcast system broadcast content, emergency broadcast system mail delivery contents
We can confirm contents of emergency broadcast system broadcasting on the Internet now.


Inquiry about this page

Disaster Prevention Section [Hatogaya Government building 4F]

Hatogaya Government building address: 1-14-3, Mitsuwa, Kawaguchi-shi

※It is ⇒〒 332-8601 2-1-1, Aoki, Kawaguchi-shi on mail

TEL 048-242-6358 FAX 048-281-5765

Call time: From 8:30 to 17:15 (except Saturday, Sundays and holidays, holiday, the year-end and New Year holidays)

e-mail: 050.05000@city.kawaguchi.lg.jp

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