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"Kawaguchi map to show" around is service to show around geography information that Kawaguchi City holds using electronic map.

  We offer geographical information such as positions such as position of garbage station (garbage collection point) or city public facilities to citizen's all of you through the Internet.

  In addition, we provide function that can print simple guide map by doing drawing on the map freely.



  • Please use "Kawaguchi map to show" around (you assume "this site" as follows.) by responsibility and judgment of the user.
  • We do not guarantee that information to offer in this site adapts to specific purpose of user including documents such as proof, procedure or report of right and duty of user.
  • Orthodox topographic map to offer in this site and each space content do not show proprietary rights and borders such as land or building. In addition, about indication point, range, shape, please use after having understood that there is error with the present situation beforehand.
  • We do not guarantee that we operate on all readers or apparatus normally.
  • We do not guarantee that we offer all of services that reader demands.
  • This site may perform contents addition, change of contents and service or deletion or stop of this site or the abolition without prior notice.
  • Kawaguchi City does not take responsibility about this site having been used or thing that you were not able to use or the damage that we occurred by having used this site.
  • About aerial photograph in background map, please note that there is part which is not displayed concerning data conversion.

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We prohibit the following matters in using this site.

  • Use service for profit
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Copyright Policy

 In this site, the following companies have intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark) other than Kawaguchi City.

 It is charged and, in this site, distributes thing which copied maps without permission of company having copyright to show in the following and forbids what we sell or we use for offer of service.

Background map (usually) ZENRIN Co., Ltd. data com / ZENRIN Co., Ltd.
Background map (blank map) Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama
Background map (aerial photograph) Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama
Map ASP service Dawn Corporation
Service contents Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama

About other matters, please see this map reading terms. 


Offer service 

List of maps

Service name Department in charge It is targeted for search
[the whole]
Facility information Public facilities in Kawaguchi City
Garbage station (garbage collection point) search system Collection Operations Section Garbage station (general garbage, recyclable garbage) of the neighborhood of home
[disaster prevention]
Disaster prevention camera live image Information Policy Division We deliver picture of disaster prevention camera installed in each site in Kawaguchi
Firefighting, disaster prevention map Fire department, street corner fire extinguisher: Defending section
Refuge: Disaster Prevention Section
Fire department or refuge in Kawaguchi City
Refuge map Disaster Prevention Section Refuge in Kawaguchi City
Kawaguchi City land bank map Industrial labor policy section The unused ground which city holds
Mall area map Industry Promotion Section Mall in Kawaguchi City
Nursery school map With childcare assignment Nursery school in Kawaguchi City
[health promotion]
AED map Health board of health AED which is established in public facilities in Kawaguchi City
[the welfare]
Care insurance service map Nursing Care Insurance Section Care insurance service company in Kawaguchi City
Property tax land prices based on accessibility map Fixed Fixed Property Tax Division Land prices based on accessibility of property tax in Kawaguchi City
[city planning]
City planning information map

City Planning Division

City planning information in Kawaguchi City
Barrier-free map

City Planning Division

Barrier-free information of facility in Kawaguchi City
Station map of baby

City Planning Division

Station of baby in Kawaguchi City
Consideration parking lot map

City Planning Division

Consideration parking lot in Kawaguchi City
Designated road map

Building security section

Designated road in Kawaguchi City
City street road authorized map Road Maintenance Division Road in road law in Kawaguchi City
Attending school road emergency check measures map Road Construction Division Road safety measures point by urgent joint check of attending school road
Road lighting map Road Construction Division Management number of road lighting in Kawaguchi City
Polling place map Board of elections Polling place in Kawaguchi City



Reference (we would like inquiry about each map to each department in charge mentioned above) about system

Person in charge of Kawaguchi City government office Information Policy Division information system (main government building the second floor)

Address     〒 332-8601 2-1-1, Aoki, Kawaguchi-shi

Telephone     048-259-7242 (directly)

        Call time from 8:30 to 17:15 (except Saturday, Sundays and holidays, holiday, the year-end and New Year holidays)

FAX     048-255-6063

E-Mail 040.03000@city.kawaguchi.lg.jp


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