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(November 1, 2017 update)

Electronic application report service

As a general rule, as for "Saitama municipalities application, the report service," application for various procedures can obtain style from home or company using the Internet again anytime 24 hours a day, every day.

Electronic application report service  ※We renew from November, 2017

To Saitama municipalities application, report service
We move to screen of Saitama municipalities application, report service when we click the link mentioned above.


About a part of application and the report to city needing strict person (individual, corporation) confirmation, we cope with electronic certificate to confirm the person on the Internet.

※Important news※

Electronic application report service was renewed from November 1, 2017.

  • Design renovation
  • Operability improvement

Please use service that became new from November.

※After November 1, site address becoming entrance of service changes. Sorry for your inconvenience, but I would like re-registration of address to all of you who used until now.

※As user registration is necessary some other time, person made user registration would like new service with renewal.


※Old service was finished on October 31, 2017. We inquire about the situation of application, report which went by old service until the beginning of November, 2017 and can confirm.

Available procedure

List of available procedures

We are going to extend procedure that is familiar to life sequentially in future. In addition, you go to receipts such as copies of resident's card which you applied for and payment of fee in city halls.


※Electronic certificate
  We perform act equivalent to sealing and signatures such as application by document electronically, and record information to prove birth and parentage to IC cards. We can confirm that it was transmitted by the person, and we pretend to be and can certainly prevent manipulation (third party renewing contents) of (third party pretending to be person of you and somebody other, and applying) and data.
  We receive grant (pay) of Basic Resident Register card in citizen's section of city hall, and possess, and hard (IC card of private Certificate Authority issuance that person doing alien registration mutually authenticates) performing resident registration in Kawaguchi City uses leader IC card to PCs such as homes to obtain e-signature. About grant of IC card, please see page of public personal identification service in detail.


※Corporation has electronic certificate of "electronic authentication system to put foundations for commercial registration".



・About overall service (references are different about electronic certificate, contents of each service)

Person in charge of Kawaguchi City government office Information Policy Division information policy (main government building the second floor)

Address 〒 332-8601 2-1-1, Aoki, Kawaguchi-shi

Telephone 048-259-7241 (directly)

Call time from 8:30 to 17:15 (except Saturday, Sundays and holidays, holiday, the year-end and New Year holidays)

FAX 048-255-6063

E-Mail 040.03000@city.kawaguchi.lg.jp


・About electronic certificate

Person in charge of Kawaguchi City government office citizen's section citizen (main government building the first floor)

Telephone 048-258-1110 (main)

Call time from 8:30 to 17:15 (except Saturday, Sundays and holidays, holiday, the year-end and New Year holidays)

Extension 2645.2673

FAX 048-250-1169

E-Mail 070.04000@city.kawaguchi.lg.jp


・About contents of service: Each service jurisdiction section (listed in style program of application, report.)

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