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(December 5, 2016 update)

Guidance of Retrieval

We guide about search method of Kawaguchi City homepage.

Phrase search

Site search installed in top page of Kawaguchi City uses function of Google (Google) search.

Search method

When both two words search applicable information, please input space between. We can input words more than three We do in this.

[example] When we want to check family register and information about resident's card

More detailed information about Google Search, Please see search method, help of Google.

About common question Q&A, minutes search system, Kawaguchi city libraries document search system, please use search system in each page. In addition, there is page that we cannot search partly about other pages either.

We are searched by category (field, genre)

Common question Q&A

We search from inquiry and question to have you approach well.

Information of living

We can look for page from life event and field that we want to look for.

We look for from organization of city

We search information from organization information such as part or section.

Site map

It is list of homepages making in city.

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