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(August 8, 2017 update)

About this homepage

Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama government office makes this homepage.

Inquiry about homepage publication contents

 We make, and Kawaguchi City homepage is updated by person in charge of each information part section. We would like inquiry about publication contents to department in charge of each page. In addition, please refer to person in charge of Information Policy Division information policy for system failure.  


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Copyright Policy

 Copyrights such as sentence, photograph, illustration, image published in Kawaguchi City homepage subsist toward Kawaguchi City or the contents provider. We cannot reprint these information without permission unless it was detected in Copyright Act such as "reproduction for private use" or "quotation". When you perform "quotation", please exhibit the source by all means. In addition, please refer to department in charge of each page for use consent.


About link to Kawaguchi City homepage

 As a general rule, link to top page http://www.city.kawaguchi.lg.jp/ of Kawaguchi City homepage may have freedom set. But it is not this limit when there are notes such as limits of link in page except top page.

 In addition, please note about the following points when you make link.

  • In point setting link, please specify that it is link to Kawaguchi City homepage.
  • Depending on contents, please note that you may ask for deletion.
  • As page except top page of Kawaguchi City homepage may change file name (URL) without notice, please be careful.

From April 1, 2008, address of Kawaguchi City homepage was changed.

We address top page after the change (we manage from April 1, 2008 and start)



About homepage linking to from Kawaguchi City homepage

 About contents of homepage linking to from Kawaguchi City homepage, Kawaguchi City does not take any responsibility. We would like inquiry about contents of linked homepage to linked site webmaster.


Supplementary matter

 On Kawaguchi City homepage, there is thing providing information with file of Portable Document Format to copy. AdobeReader of Adobe company is necessary to look at file of Portable Document Format.
 In addition, of file of Portable Document Format, besides, there is information providing using specific application in some contents to provide facility for user. For details, please confirm in each information publication page.

Icon example of attached file
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Excel icon File of Excel (Excel) form Icon of other files File of other forms

※We may offer file in state without icon depending on page.

 We recommend that Kawaguchi City homepage validates Javascript, style sheet and looks at. Difference may appear in vanity depending on version of browser of use or setting.


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