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(January 11, 2018 update)

Letter to the mayor

In Kawaguchi City, we act as opinion, proposal for reflection of municipal administration that is better than mine from citizen's everybody.

About suggestion, the mayor sees directly and, after bureau and examination of relationships, should be reference of municipal administration administration. You perform immediately, but, about answer, please note that you may take time depending on contents.
Both following methods are fine. Please approach more and more.


We can send opinion, proposal from transmission form corresponding to next SSL.


To mail sending form (SSL correspondence)To mail sending form (SSL correspondence)

※ We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) coding communication to transmit and receive personal information with mail sending form safely.


FAX number: 048-255-6250


※ You fill in FAX with address, full name, age, phone number, FAX number, and please transmit.




2-1-1, Aoki, Kawaguchi-shi
Person in charge of letter to the Mayor of Kawaguchi City government office Secretarial Division


※Please send after filling out address, full name, age, phone number. 

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